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Dr. Neil Katz

MD, Ortho

Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine
Dr. Neil Katz


Dr. Neil Thomas Katz, MD, MBA, FAAOS, FACSM, QME, EMT is the newest staff member of Healthpointe. He is providing specialized care in orthopedic surgery, sports medicine and the treatment of cartilage injuries and degeneration.

Dr. Katz received his medical degree from the Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts. He continued his internship and residency training in orthopedic surgery in Honolulu, Boston and New York City.

He completed his sports medicine fellowship in Lexington, Kentucky.

He brings years of patient care experience and academic teaching to the patients of Healthpointe, He has worked with patients in large and small groups, private practices, clinics and hospitals. He has been involved in local, state and national medical societies and associations. He was one the researchers for the first article published in the prestigious Journal of Shoulder and Elbow surgery. He has lectured extensively on many areas in orthopedic surgery and sports medicine at local, state, national and
international meetings.

He has served in multiple committee and leadership positions for local, state and national medical organizations. Newspapers, journals, radio and television journalists have interviewed him. He has been called to testify as an expert before State Legislative Committees. He has met with Legislators, Insurance Commissioners, Governors, and members of Congress on various healthcare topics.

He has been appointed as an instructor and advisor for colleges and national associations. He has served as a preceptor for local and international universities. He has served as an Assistant Clinical Professor for a university as well.

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