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Tendon Pain and Tears

Consider the healing properties of regenerative medicine for your tendon pain.
Tendon Pain and Tears

What Is Used In Regenerative Medicine Treatments For Tendon Pain Relief?

Regenerative medicine treatments, such as PalinGen Flow, applied to damaged or torn tendons can provide improved healing and decreased pain. PalinGen Flow redirects extracellular proteins to the tendons to enhance the body’s natural regenerative process. Using the extracellular proteins from the human body, regenerative medicine enhances the healing process by redirecting the cells to your tendon.

How Will Regenerative Medicine Relieve My Tendon Pain?

Tendon pain and tears can be relieved by regenerative medicine injections, such as PalinGen Flow. PalinGen Flow contains anti-inflammatory proteins derived from cytokines. By reducing inflammation, PalinGen Flow can relieve your tendon pain and tears.

Regenerative medicine uses anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory fluid, made up of growth factors and extracellular proteins that are found in your body. PalinGen Flow and other treatments simply redirect this fluid to the damaged tissues in your tendons, in order to regenerate cells.

How Is The Treatment Performed?

The procedure takes between five to ten minutes and can be done at the doctor’s office. The medicine is injected, by the doctor, into the area generating pain. Patients usually experience no pain, though an anesthetic may be used, if desired.

Most patients only need a single treatment in order to experience significant pain relief. PalinGen Flow and other treatments may start relieving pain within one to two weeks, though full recovery may take months.

Common tendon injuries that we treat include:

  • Tendinitis (Biceps, Triceps) – the inflammation of the tendon of the biceps or triceps muscles
  • Tendinosis – the damage of the tendon on a microscopic level, leading to weakness in the affected area

Tendon pain is usually caused by:

  • Weight
  • Diet
  • Age
  • Physical Trauma

PalinGen Flow and other regenerative medicines may be able to treat your tendon pain. With anti-inflammatory, restorative cells and proteins, regenerative medicine is a natural and safe way to care for your injuries. Learn more about PalinGen Flow and other treatments by consulting with a specialist at on of our many Healthpointe locations.

Call Healthpointe at (800) 956-2663 to find out if regenerative medicine is the best treatment for your tendon pain.

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