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Ligament Pain and Tears

You may be able to enjoy the healing of your ligament pain and tears. See how PalinGen Flow and other natural injection may be your solution to ligament pain.
Ligament Pain and Tears

What Is Regenerative Medicine For Ligament Pain Relief?

For ligament pain or tears, PalinGen Flow (along with other regenerative medicines) works to stimulate tissue growth and naturally repair damaged ligaments. Enhancing the body’s own regenerative process, the extracellular proteins in PalinGen Flow are designed to relieve you of your ligament pain.

How Will Regenerative Medicine Relieve My Ligament Pain?

Ligament injuries respond to regenerative medicine treatments, such as PalinGen Flow, because of their anti-inflammatory properties that send signals to the body’s tissue and help repair and regenerate damaged or painful areas. PalinGen Flow contains proteins derived from cytokines, the body’s main regenerative growth factor. These anti-inflammatory cells relieve ligament pain by reducing inflammation.

What Is Used In Regenerative Medicine Treatments For Ligament Pain?

Regenerative medicine relieves your ligament pain through the process of injecting multi-potent cells to decrease inflammation and increase joint lubrication cartilage. Because of its anti-inflammatory components, PalinGen Flow and other regenerative medicine treatments can relieve ligament pain and repair tears.

How Is The Treatment Performed?

The procedure takes between five and ten minutes. The treatment is injected, by the doctor, into the ligament. Patients usually experience no pain, though an anesthetic may be used, if desired. Most patients only need a single treatment in order to experience significant ligament pain relief. PalinGen Flow and other treatments relieve pain immediately, though full recovery may take a couple weeks to a few months. Ligaments are bundles of collagen and soft tissue. If a torn ligament is not treated, the strain of the affected tissue could result in osteoarthritis. If scar tissue does not repair the ligament, it is possible that other treatments may be able to, such as surgery or regenerative medicine injections.

Symptoms of ligament pain that we treat include:

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Weakness

Arthritic and muscoskeletal conditions, including ligament pain or tears, can benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicines, like PalinGen Flow, are the natural way to care for your ligament injuries. Consult a Healthpointe physician to learn more about the restorative capabilities of regenerative medicine. Call Healthpointe at (800) 956-2663 to find out if regenerative medicine is the best treatment for your ligament pain.

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