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Regenerative Medicine Services Are Now Being Offered At Healthpointe

Regenerative Medicine Services Are Now Being Offered At Healthpointe

Patients now have the opportunity to receive Regenerative Medicine services at Healthpointe

Healthpointe Medical Group is proud to announce that they are offering Regenerative Medicine Services at their facilities located throughout Southern California.

Regenerative Medicine is a rapidly growing field that is aimed at restoring and/or replenishing the normal function of tissues that are damaged or otherwise affected by diseases. Through this program, Healthpointe provides simple, effective, and non-invasive Wound Care options to treat pain and various complex and non-healing wounds. This program is focused on providing patients with non-surgical approaches to treating a patient’s pain and providing state-of-the-art wound care.

Healthpointe’s multidisciplinary medical team is ready to deliver quality wound care solutions to their patients. Their doctors adhere to the motto of delivering quality care to everyone, and they do so by offering customized treatment plans to better fit patient’s specific needs.

Services under the Regenerative Medicine include:

  • PalinGen Flow
  • PalinGen Membrane
  • Platelet-rich plasma injections

Other Wound Care Services offered at Healthpointe:

  • Tissue Debridement
  • Skin Grafting
  • Hyperbaric Medicine

These services may also be used in conjunction with surgical procedures to augment recovery time after surgery by enhancing the patient’s healing process. Regenerative Medicine services, along with the other Wound Care Services, are also known to decrease formation of scar tissues, especially after undergoing complex surgeries.

Patients who are affected by soft tissue damage and difficult-to-heal wounds may finally find some resolution to their condition thanks to the new Regenerative Medicine services at Healthpointe. Healthpointe’s services are offered during regular business hours: Monday-Friday 9-6. For more information, contact Healthpointe at 844-887-7882

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