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Surgical Scarring and Pain

Healthpointe’s regenerative medicine program focuses on the utilization of advanced medical treatments, to provide each patient with the best, non-surgical care possible for scarring and pain.
Surgical Scarring and Pain

What is Regenerative Medicine for Surgical Scarring and Pain?

Regenerative treatments for surgical pain and scarring can include PalinGen Flow. PalinGen Flow is a 100% natural fluid that utilizes the natural proteins and growth factors found in the human body.

How Will Regenerative Medicine Relieve My Surgical Scarring and Pain?

The success of regenerative medicine is based off of its regenerative properties, anti-inflammatory materials, and joint lubrication. The multi-potential cells in PalinGen Flow have been proven to prevent post-surgical scarring and pain, reduce inflammation, and stimulate new tissue.

Regenerative treatments for surgical scarring and pain contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory proteins. These proteins are derived from the amnion in the human body, and enhance the natural regenerative process by stimulating tissue growth. When the treatments are applied to surgical scarring, the damaged area is replaced with regenerated tissue.

How is the Treatment Performed?

The procedure takes between five to ten minutes and can be done at the doctor’s office or at the surgical facility. The medicine is injected, by the doctor, into the surgical site. Patients usually experience no pain, though an anesthetic may be used, if desired.

Regenerative treatments contain properties that have been proven to repair and regenerate damaged and painful tissue. Consult a Healthpointe physician to learn more about how PalinGen Flow may be able to help with your scarring or pain.

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