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Regenerative Medicine for Joint Pain Relief - (714) 367-5046

Healthpointe’s Joint Pain Relief clinic specializes in Regenerative Medicine, an advanced, non-invasive procedure that helps to naturally repair damaged joint tissue.

Healthpointe’s multidisciplinary team of physicians will customize a treatment plan to fit your specific needs. Healthpointe’s Regenerative Medicine program is aimed at utilizing treatments that work with the body to regrow or regenerate damaged tissue.

Does Regenerative Medicine work to relieve joint pain?

See one of our patient success stories in the video below:

Healthpointe Regenerative Medicine Specialists

  • Dr. Ryan Culver

    Dr. Ryan Culver

    Podiatric Surgery, Foot & Ankle and Sports Medicine

  • Dr. Alex Etemad

    Dr. Alex Etemad

    Orthopedic Spinal Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery and Pain Management

  • Dr. Neil Katz

    Dr. Neil Katz

    Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine

  • Dr. Stanley Katz

    Dr. Stanley Katz

    Orthopedic Surgery, Total Joint Replacement, Arthritis and Reconstructive Surgeries

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