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Post-Operative Pain Relief

Post-Operative Pain Relief

Regenerative medicine may be your answer for post-operative pain relief, enhanced healing, and improved overall wellness.

What Is Regenerative Medicine For Post-Operative Pain Relief?

Regenerative medicines, such as PalinGen Flow, are all-natural medicines derived from the body’s own natural cells and proteins. The simplicity of PalinGen Flow makes it a perfect aide for the sometimes complicated side-effects of post-operative pain.

PalinGen Flow and other treatments use the natural proteins and growth factors found in the human body, which contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. By reducing inflammation and repairing damaged tissue, regenerative treatments promote the healing of your post-operative pain.

How Will Regenerative Medicine Relieve My Post-Operative Pain?

The anti-inflammatory properties of PalinGen Flow and other regenerative medicines derive from proteins called cytokines. Cytokines are your body’s natural anti-inflammatory agents. By applying natural proteins to your injury, PalinGen Flow reduces inflammation, and increases your chance for a full recovery.

What Is Used In Regenerative Medicine Treatments For Post-Operative Pain?

Regenerative medicine treatments embrace the natural healing process by using only the regenerative cells that your body naturally produces. PalinGen Flow and other treatments direct hyaluronic acid (a cartilage-booster), proteins, and multi-potent cells to your injury.

How Is The Treatment Performed?

The procedure takes between five to ten minutes and can be done at the doctor’s office or at the surgical facility. The medicine is injected, by the doctor, into the surgical site. Patients usually experience no pain, though an anesthetic may be used, if desired.

Most patients only need a single treatment in order to experience significant pain relief. PalinGen Flow and other treatments may start relieving pain within one to two weeks, though full recovery may take months.

Sometimes, surgery does not produce optimal results, and patients are left with residual pain. In extreme cases, the pain can be worse than it was before the surgery. To counter these undesired side effects, Healthpointe offers regenerative medicine injectables, which may be possible in relieving post-operative pain.

Learn more about the all-natural process of regenerative medicine.

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