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Regenerative Medicine for Joint Pain Relief - (714) 367-5046

Healthpointe’s Joint Pain Relief clinic specializes in Regenerative Medicine, an advanced, non-invasive procedure that helps to naturally repair damaged joint tissue.

Healthpointe’s multidisciplinary team of physicians will customize a treatment plan to fit your specific needs. Healthpointe’s Regenerative Medicine program is aimed at utilizing treatments that work with the body to regrow or regenerate damaged tissue.

  • Joint Pain Relief With Regenerative Medicine

    Joint Pain Relief With Regenerative Medicine

    With joint pain, even the simplest tasks can become great burdens. For patients who desire joint pain relief but choose to avoid surgery, regenerative medicine may be an option. What is Regenerative Medicine? Using the cells found in the human…

  • Post-Operative Pain Relief

    Post-Operative Pain Relief

    Regenerative medicine may be your answer for post-operative pain relief, enhanced healing, and improved overall wellness. What Is Regenerative Medicine For Post-Operative Pain Relief? Regenerative medicines, such as PalinGen Flow, are all-natural medicines derived from the body’s own natural cells…

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